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Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy is a one of the leading Israeli commercial real estate advisory firms, specializing in commercial real estate strategy and brokerage. The company was founded by industry veteran Yair Levy, and employs a staff of professional consultants and brokers with rich experience in real estate for logistics, office space and high-tech, retail, and investment in yield properties.

We assist our clients in identifying and analyzing their real estate needs, in forming a real estate strategy that will support business growth over time, in locating the most suitable properties in the market, and in negotiating with property owners to achieve results which benefit both sides.

To property owners we offer services that include real estate assessment and strategic consulting on maximizing the potential value of properties; introduction to potential buyers or renters; and management of a professional and discreet negotiation process.

Strategic Thinking.
Creative Solutions

Years of experience in leading and managing thousands of the most complex commercial real estate deals in Israel provide the basis to our strategic approach:

Our deep understanding of the market helps us examine and assess every aspect of a real estate requirement, and to offer creative, sometimes very bold, solutions never considered before.

Strategic thinking is also demonstrated in the expertise we bring to the table during deal negotiation; in our ability to isolate possible conflicts, to know how and when to bring them up for discussion and to find creative ways to resolve disagreements to the satisfaction of both sides.

Business Focus.
Objective Results

We believe that the significance of our work as a third party, which brokers, advises and bridges between the sides, is our ability to remain objective throughout the process. Our role is to make sure that negotiations lead to the best possible deal, which we believe can only be achieved when all parties involved feel their business needs were addressed.

This business philosophy is at the core of everything we do, and is reflected in the objective advice we give to clients on potential deals, including those offered by others.


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