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Ofer Avram
Head of Offices Division at the Azrieli Group

“For me, the name Yair Levy represents business creativity, initiative, business connections, ability to identify business potential and the unique skill to connect between individuals. Yair’s orientation is deal-closing. When he suggests a potential transaction you take it seriously and listen to him because it is clear that there is a very good chance that in will end in the signing of a good deal that benefits all parties. This is not something trivial.”

ehuda Forte
CEO Neviot, part of Coca Cola Israel

“Yair’s integrity and professional conduct is exceptional. He is a creative thinker and that brings ideas and solutions to the table, bridging between the parties, even when it seems virtually impossible. His broad knowledge and familiarity with the market enable him to offer and initiate deals that accurately answer his clients’ real estate needs, in a quick and efficient manner.”

Amir Chen
Managing Partner, FCB Lawyers

“ Yair is far and beyond a great real estate broker. He is a true strategist. “

Shmuel Sayad
CEO Reit 1

“Yair represents the highest level of professionalism in brokerage. He understands people and understands real estate. He is not just a broker, he is the one leading the negotiations, managing the deal and making it happen.”

Sharon Toussia-Cohen
CEO, Marathon Investments

“Working with Yair is an honor. Yair brings to the table not only relevant and proprietary information, he has unique professional skills in leading a deal and bridging between the parties to assure successful deal-closing. For me, Yair is a strategist and a true investment banker -- he represents standards we are not familiar with in the Israeli market.”

Yossi Zvi
VP Asset Research & Development, Shufersal

“From my many years of acquaintance with Yair, I can honestly say that he is one of the leading real estate experts in Israel. His professionalism, as well as his broad knowledge of the real estate market and the companies which take part in it, is extremely valuable.”

Chanan Bartal
Assets Manager, Harel Insurance

“I’ve known and appreciated Yair for over 15 years. He and his team have provided me with advice and guidance, accompanying me through the course of my real estate activities. There is no equal to the professionalism that characterizes the work of Yair and his firm -- trustworthy, smart and skillful at leading the parties to successful deal closing.”


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