Real Estate Brokerage

Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy provides brokerage services to companies seeking real estate for industrial and logistics operations, offices, high tech and retail.

Our team is comprised of senior real estate consultants who bring a deep understanding of the commercial real estate market, years of field experience and relationships with the companies in the industry.

We personally and discreetly accompany our clients through every step of the process.

Industrial and Logistics

Finding an appropriate space for industrial and logistic companies requires a thorough understanding of the nature of these types of businesses, and the ability to analyze the unique needs of each company while considering parameters of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The optimal location is not only characterized by its geographical proximity to the company’s major clients, it also takes into account the development of roads and highways in the area and the accessibility to public transportation, which will have an impact on the human capital the company will be able to hire.

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Offices and High-Tech

Decades of working in cooperation with most real estate companies in Israel and our personal acquaintance with office buildings throughout the country, positions us to offer our clients the most suitable properties, at the most attractive prices, before they have reached the market.

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The foundations of a successful shopping mall or commerce center are rooted in the choice of location and the mix of retailers and businesses it houses. Accuracy is key, especially when operating in a competitive and saturated market like Israel is currently experiencing. There is no room for trial and error. In the first two years of operation, an average new shopping mall will suffer from a combination of changes in tenants and new competition that sets up outside the mall area. The only way to minimize this exposure and risk is to have a profound understanding of the retail market paired with the ability to analyze the existing and future competitive landscape in a specific area.

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