Industrial and Logistics

Finding an appropriate space for industrial and logistic companies requires a thorough understanding of the nature of these types of businesses, and the ability to analyze the unique needs of each company while considering parameters of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The optimal location is not only characterized by its geographical proximity to the company’s major clients, it also takes into account the development of roads and highways in the area and the accessibility to public transportation, which will have an impact on the human capital the company will be able to hire.

Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy specializes in locating properties and lots and sourcing tailor-made solutions for industrial and logistic operations, ranging from 500 sq.m to tens of thousands of sq.m.

We start every new engagement with a visit at your current location, to learn your unique business challenges and needs.

Each relevant property is examined through physical and financial measures, before it is presented to you. Our goal is to bring our clients only the most relevant deals, which in some cases means creating new opportunities that haven’t been on the market before.

Our client list includes leading Israeli and international companies, among them are the Shufersal and Mega supermarket chains, The Central Bottling Company Group (Coca-Cola Israel), Unilever Israel, the Diplomat Group, Getter Group and more.

Industrial and logistics brokerage at Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy is managed by Shia Nir, who, in his three decades of experience, has led and closed thousands of successful deals.