Mediation and Negotiation

As opposed to Europe and the US where most commercial real estate listings are given exclusivity to a single broker or brokerage firm, in Israel listing are generally open.

This means that every property on the market is handled by any broker who may have heard about it and clients, as well as property owners, find themselves obligated to the party that showed the property first instead of the one that could help them sign a good deal. As a result, many transaction are mismanaged by amateurs or inexperienced brokers instead of by professionals, and many deals that should have closed are missed due to the incapability of the intermediary and not because the sides where unwilling to reason.

Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy offers mediation to property owners, clients and brokers that have reached a deadlock. We bring rich experience in negotiation and use creative problem solving techniques to help overcome disagreements and conflicted interests, and to bring to deal closing. We remain objective throughout the process, not favoring one side over the other, and work to achieve a deal that is equally good for both sides.

We believe that reform is necessary in the Israeli commercial real estate sector and that exclusivity should become a common practice.


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