Office Space and High-Tech

Decades of working in cooperation with most real estate companies in Israel and our personal acquaintance with office buildings throughout the country, positions us to offer our clients the most suitable properties, at the most attractive prices, before they have reached the market.

The offices and high-tech division at Yair Levy Real Estate Strategy specializes in brokerage for a wide range of commercial and professional companies including high-tech companies and start-ups. We work closely with Israel’s leading real estate companies including Gav-Yam, the Azrieli Group, Amot, Efraim Rogovin Ltd., the Tidhar Group, Ampa Real Estate, Melisron, the Levinstein Group, Reit 1, Sella Capital, SGS, the Africa Israel Group and the Ofer Investments Group.

When searching for new office space, location, floor planning and the services provided in the area are only some of the considerations that must be taken into account. Analyzing specific business requirements and the attractiveness of the new location to qualified, quality employees are equally important and many times overlooked. The matching of properties to companies requires understanding these issues on the one hand, and being able to offer solutions based on knowing what is happening on the ground at all times on the other: what areas are suitable for the client’s business, how properties in the area are priced, parking options, taxes etc.

Once we locate the most suitable property, we manage negotiations with the property owner in a professional and pleasant manner, assuring that your needs are addressed.

Our clients include: Clalit Health Care Services, Supergas, the Delek Group, LR Group, CommTouch Software, Optibase Ltd., Veolia, and more.